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Your Right To Choose

There was recently three blog posts posted to the alopecia Facebook group that I'm a part of. I read all three of them. Only one person out of a thousand women in the group liked one of the three posts.

One of the posts talked about one of this person's clients wanting to shave his head because he had lost half of his hair to alopecia. She told him that that would be giving up and that he didn't need to shave his head. I don't doubt that her program works because she has a lot of success stories on her website. I just don't agree that telling someone that shaving their head is giving up on their alopecia. In the blog post, she did say that her client's hair did grow back after using her program.

I do agree with her saying that diet and exercise are important.

Certain treatments work for some people and some treatments don't work at all for some people. Some people try a few treatments and some people just want to try natural treatments. Some people elect not to do any treatments.

Any choice that a person makes for themselves about the treatments they want is the correct choice for them.

I've had some patients choose to get a second opinion because they don't agree with the treatment the first doctor presented. I've had some patients refuse treatment. Some patients take the treatment that the doctor offers. As a nurse, I have to respect the treatment plan that the patient chooses. I cannot force any patient to take a treatment that they have decided not to take.

When I was first diagnosed with alopecia areata, I knew that I wanted to go the natural route and not be on any medication for life. When the doctor offered some steroid injections, I knew that I didn't want the injections. I wanted to wait to see what the blood tests showed before I decided on any treatments. It turned out my vitamin D and iron levels were low. So I decided that I was going to take some vitamins and see if my hair would grow back. Thankfully my hair did grow back but I do still have a very small bald spot that hasn't grown back.

In the future, I may change my mind and get the steroid injections if my alopecia comes back. Whatever I decide will be the best treatment option for me. I will listen to the options that the doctor offers but it will still be my choice on the treatment plan.

I've seen some women in the group that have shaved their heads and said that it felt very liberating to them. They have said that now they don't have to worry about their hair or it makes it easier to wear their wigs. I'm really happy for them. It takes courage as a woman to shave your hair off.

Don't let any one else's opinion deter you from choosing a treatment that works for you.

Alopecia doesn't have a cure yet. So the treatments that are offered work for some patients and don't work for other patients. Just know that you have a choice. You can try as many treatments as needed until you find one that works for you. If you are ready to stop any and all treatments that is your choice. If you want to wear toppers or wigs that is your choice. If you want to rock a bald head that is your choice as well.

It is not giving up if you have made a choice that works for you.

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