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You were taught to base your beauty on what models in magazines look like, and now you question how you can be feminine with thinning hair or bald spots, right?

I can relate.  I went through feeling scared, alone, and unattractive too when first diagnosed with alopecia.  But I made a few small changes to my mindset that have given me back my joy and  femininity even while having alopecia.



Society has taught women that to be beautiful, you need to have long flowing hair and wear makeup.  You need to be a certain weight to be deemed attractive.  I battled an eating disorder because I felt the need to be a certain weight, so having alopecia was not the first time I needed to re-invent the way I see myself in the world.  And I want you to know this:

there is good news - This is actually pretty simple to fix.

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If you are ready to uncover what is secretly sabotaging your joy, self-confidence, or beauty, let's talk.

In this 60-minute private coaching session, designed specifically for woman with alopecia, we will create the  simple steps for you to feel your best again, even while having alopecia.  Nothing fancy or complicated, just honest conversation with another woman that has alopecia that has reclaimed her beauty, self-confidence, and her joy and can show you how.

NOTE: These sessions are normally $147, but for a limited time they are my gift to woman with alopeica who are serious about nourishing themselves.  I can't do free sessions forever, I have tea to sip and oceans to visit.  So if this speaks to you, don't wait to book your private phone call with me.  Book My FREE Break Through Session.








Being an Alopecia Empress starts with having a sister by your side that can elevate you from fear to being fully yourself - Loving yourself boldy.  Together we will make sure you are not  afraid to love yourself out loud in the world.  You'll:


  • Reclaim your beauty. 

  • Be able to look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are beautiful.

  • Accepting who you are in this very moment.

  • Not hide in your house because you feel ugly.

  • Be brave enough to feel all of your feelings and process them.

  • Develop the skills to listening powerfully to your body and take care of it. 

An Alopecia Empress loves herself inside and out, boldy and without shame.  You in?

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