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I'm Shavawn,

a nurse with alopecia,

a world traveler,

I find joy in every day life.

Shavawn Boyer.jpg

Born and raised in Georgia,

I say things like:


and I still can't drive in the snow.


I was in middle school when my mom brought me to the hospital for bring your child to work day.  As soon as I saw the nurses with patients, I knew that I wanted to help people like that too. 





Since then I've had the joy of working as a nurse for over 15 years.

oh my, the time I tried bangs!


You know what really lights me up these days?

Taking all the years of experience of advocating for my patients, and helping women with alopecia thrive regardless of how much hair they have. 


Think of me as an Alopecia Empress.

(I've learned how to have the confidence of a queen without any of the snobby parts.)


I guide women from being unsure about what to do after a diagnosis to feeling confident, beautiful and being in charge of their best life. 

How you feel about yourself has a huge impact on the way you show up in the world.  When you don't like the way you look, you hide, you stop showing up, and you lose the support in your relationships. 

In other words:

Having confidence is not optional. 

You want to live a life you love. 

You don't want alopecia messing with your game for one more moment.  But how do you build confidence in a world that tells you that alopecia is terrible? 

Well that's my specialty.  I can show you the most clear confidence and beautiful side of yourself.  You are going to light up the room again. 


People are going to notice and compliment you. 


To the point where all that praise can become a little annoying ;)

So how did I go from feeling worried, ugly, and unlovable, to being the most confident, clear and alive I have been in years AFTER an alopecia diagnosis? 

When my hairdresser found my bald spot in November 2018, I sat in her chair and did the ONE THING I always tell my patients not to do...

I Googled my symptoms and began to spiraling downward into fear. By the time I was officially diagnosed a month later with alopecia areata, I had already gone through grief, anger, confusion and worry about what it could mean to be bald. 

First I gave myself permission to feel all the "feels".


If you've ever had a diagnosis you know - there is plenty to feel.

Then one day I woke up determined to redefine what beauty meant - I realized that alopecia was the perfect opportunity to finally upgrade my confidence, clarity, and life to be bigger than what they teach us on magazine covers.


My process wasn't magic.

I took small doable steps that empowered me beyond what I thought was possible.  


Though I have to say, these days, my life does feel magical.  I don't think about my hair every day, I have free time to plan my next trip, and travel the world as I build a coaching practice to help other woman with alopecia fall in love with themselves whether they have their hair or not.

If you want to fall in love with yourself, and feel more clear, confident and capable than ever before, let's talk. I've been been in the pit of an alopecia diagnosis, and I know first hand what it takes to reclaim your joy, beauty and life. 


Book a FREE Alopecia Break Through Session with me here. In about one hour you will feel genuinely joyful, and have a plan that takes you step-by-step forward into your best life too.

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