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My Rev. Dr. Aunt Charlotte

My family just buried my Rev. Dr. Aunt Charlotte.

She was my favorite aunt. She had an infectious smile. Even at the end she was smiling. The funeral director said she smiled on her own. She was in the casket just smiling looking casket sharp.

I remember one time during choir rehearsal when I was little, she called me out because I wasn't giving my all. She knew I couldn't sing but she still wanted me to give my all. That was my Aunt Charlotte for you.

She always strived for the best for herself and all those around her. She got most of her degrees after the age of 50.

She encouraged me to use my voice. I could talk to her about anything and she didn't judge me. She would share her wisdom without hesitation.

I would bet that she had something to do with me having to play my flute in church. I don't remember telling anyone at church that I played the flute in high school.

She was an example that if you loved the work you were doing it wasn't work. She was seventy years old with a full time job and still found time to help the youth in the church. She really loved to help people. I don't know how she found the time. I felt like she had some extra hours, lol. Like the Reverend said at the funeral, "She wore herself out for the Lord." That she truly did. She felt like she had a calling and she made sure she did her calling.

I will miss her dearly but I know that she isn't gone. She is still here in spirit. So while our relationship has changed, she will always be my Rev. Dr. Aunt Charlotte.

She influenced so many people's lives that if it weren't for covid, the church would have been packed with all the people whose lives that she touched.

She will truly be missed by a lot of people. She left some shoes that just can't be filled.

I know that she is in heaven directing some plays or some weddings.

She truly left a legacy of love.

This situation has taught me a valuable lesson.

I regret not seeing her for 2 years. I let my weight keep me from living my life for almost 15 years. I have so many regrets. I have so many people that I wish I could say sorry to but they are in heaven now.

For about 6 years, I stayed inside and only went to work and the grocery store. I didn't want people to get to know the fat Shavawn (that's what I called myself inside my head).

I say all this to say, please don't let your hair take you away from your life.

No one has a second chance at reliving this life. Once it's gone, that's it.

I'm 39 and I feel like I've just started to live my life and I'm a little sad that I let myself waste all those years. I now know that those years prepared me for having alopecia.

I let the scale rule my life for so long and I don't want to let my hair rule my life now.

Getting a life coach was a game changer for me. I know that I would still be wasting my life if I didn't make a change.

We can take our lives back from our hair and not let it ruin our lives. We are beautiful inside and out, with or without hair.

If you need help, I can help you. Go to my website, and sign up for a Breakthrough Session.

As I said see you later to my favorite Aunt Charlotte, I will not forget the lessons that she taught me. I will always love her and remember her.

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